Witness #4: Noah

11 November 2013

We live in the Information Age. Volumes of research are available to us with a quick Internet search. We have become accustomed to having huge amounts of information to use in our decision making process. Noah did not have that privilege. Noah needed faith.

God told Noah that it was going to rain when it had never rained before. He was no doubt mocked by all around. They would ask why he was building a ship on dry land, his only answer was, “God told me it is going to rain and flood the earth.” By faith, Noah endured persecution and saved himself and his family.

We also are called upon by God to trust Him and have faith in His word. This means that there will be times when we won’t have all the information we think we need. This is when we need to be thankful for the faith given to us by the mercy of God. It is by this faith that we can trust God even when we don’t fully understand.

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