Witness #13: Rahab

26 November 2013

Rahab is an amazing example of the grace of God working in the lives of His children even when they are isolated from the fold! God moves the faith of His children by His power not by the instrumentality of men!

Joshua sent men to spy out Jericho, but the king heard about them. The king’s men had tracked them to Rahab’s house and demanded to know where they were. Rahab knew the power of the God of Israel and decided it was better to be on His side rather than Jericho’s. She hid the spies and helped them escape, and, at the same time, told the king’s men that she did not know where they went. Some would call this a lie, but whatever we call it, the Lord calls it an act of faith. It is better to obey God than man!

There will be times in our lives when we must make a decision to follow the Lord or to continue in the way of destruction with the world. Rahab chose the better part having only seen the destructive power of the God of Israel. How much more can we joyfully choose to follow the Lord having received tremendous mercy in our lives?

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