Witness #3: Enoch

6 November 2013

Witness #3: Enoch

What an amazing event for Enoch! He was blessed to never face death in this world. The Lord took him to heaven and he never had to toil in this old world again.

Before this event, there was record that Enoch pleased God and was walking in righteous paths. This was not the cause of the Lord saving him but an excellent example of how the Lord blesses a man with faith. Jesus makes us able to walk with God.

There is no promise that this event will ever be recreated, but there is a promise that we will walk with God for all eternity after the resurrection. The faith we have been given is evidence to us that we will be just like Enoch, walking with God!

It just seems logical then, that we should start walking with Him now, just like Enoch did.

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