Are You All In?

14 October 2013

In Romans 12:1-2, Paul is charging the children of God to be a true disciples. He uses the phrase "present your bodies a living sacrifice" to show that true discipleship is not a casual adherence to a few things in Scripture but a complete way of life.

Regular attendance to Sunday worship service doesn't live up to that mark. It is only a few hours (or minutes) a week. That does not sound like much of a sacrifice. We could even add in a Wednesday evening service and daily Bible reading and not even come close to what intends here.

To truly be a disciple we must be "all in" for the Lord. We must devote ourselves wholly to the service of God. This does not mean that we stop doing our daily jobs and routines. It means that we do these things with the thought of bringing glory to God continually on our minds.

The life that is "all in" for the Lord bases every step, every breath, every word, every purchase, and every moment on walking by faith and following the Lord.

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