Be Not Conformed

19 October 2013

It is very easy to just "go along with the crowd." We all want to fit in and be liked. The problem with this kind of thinking is that it puts man’s opinion ahead of God’s view of us. Fitting in and being liked hold empty promises.

Conform means to go along without really changing anything. When we conform to the world, we are doing nothing to get sin out of our lives and fight against our old nature. For a time this may seem to be a safe way to just coast through life. However, this path leads to trouble every time. During the life of a child of God, there are consequences for our decisions and actions.

To be ALL IN and present our bodies as living sacrifices we must not just go along with popular opinion. Disciples should be different than the rest of the world. We should think, act, and speak differently.

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19th January 2018 23:04

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