Amen, Let's Go!

4 February 2014

And Mary arose in those days, and went into the hill country with haste, into a city of Juda; Luke 1:39

In our previous study, we saw how a poor farm girl showed more faith than a priest who had been devoted to temple service his entire life. Both heard good news from the Angel Gabriel. Zacharias the doubted but Mary believed.

However, her belief was not just a simple acknowledgement of a good sermon. She heard the good news and immediately took action. She set out to see Elisabeth to confirm the angel’s words. Her complete trust in God made her eager for more good news!

Mary was humble and therefore truly thankful for the news she was hearing. Mary believed and gave action to her faith.

Are we so comfortable that we feel no need for the Holy Comforter or the message of comfort in the gospel? If we say “no,” do our actions say the same thing? When we agree with the good news of the gospel, do we say “Amen” and then sit on our hands waiting to be fed again. Or, do we hear the good news, shout “amen,” and then hit the ground running so that we can live what we believe?

If we find ourselves silent after a good sermon, are we more like Mary or Zacharias?

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