The Apostle With Four Names

4 March 2015


The eleventh Apostle we will discuss actually goes by four different names!

In Luke he is called Judas the brother of James (the less). In Matthew, he is called Labbaeus with the surname Thaddaeus. Lebba was a town near the coast of Galilee. The name also means “my heart.” Thaddaeus is a derivation of Judas and is perhaps used to deflect from the character of Judas Iscariot.

We know this Apostle better by the name he gives himself in the short general epistle he authored – Jude.

This wonderful little treatise is an exhortation to give God all the glory for salvation by free grace alone. Jude teaches us to earnestly contend for that form of doctrine that gives God the glory and was delivered in its purity during the time of Christ and the Apostles. There were heresies already creeping into the church at that time. Just give strong warnings against these heresies and the men who would promote them. I wonder how he would respond to the condition of doctrine in many “churches” today!

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