A Servant of God

Paul, a servant of God,

Titus 1:1a

Of all the titles that Paul could have used to describe himself to Titus, why did he choose “a servant”?

When we think of a servant, we may have images of the waiter at a restaurant or possibly even a butler or maid working in the mansion of rich family. These notions fall far short of what Paul is saying here.

The word “servant” in Paul’s writings is closer to our word bond-servant or slave. Paul called himself of slave of God. He chose the word that is the lowest term on the scale of servitude.

If Paul considers himself a slave of God, then he thinks nothing of his own will. He is only concerned with Who God is and what would have him to do.

So, why did Paul choose this title? We know that he also called himself an apostle next in the verse, as he does in other epistles, but he chose to use the title servant first. Why?

I think that all confessing Christians (especially those that claim to be preachers of the gospel) should pay close attention to how Paul starts this letter to the younger preacher, Titus. He reminds Titus, and us, that we are first and foremost, the servants of the most high God. All that we say or do should be according to His will not our own.

We do not have the liberty to decide what is right and what is wrong. God declared what is righteousness and what is sin. We do not have the liberty to speak things as though they were the doctrines of God unless they are found in the inspired word of God, the Bible. We do not have the liberty to just believe any philosophy of man that peaks our curiosity. We are called upon to believe the truth.

Whether or not we like Who God is; whether or not we like what the Bible says about sin; and whether or not we agree with the grace-filled doctrines of the Bible; it does not matter. These things are absolute truths and we are called to subdue our will and desires and submit to the will of God.

If more of God’s people were to walk and talk as servants of God, perhaps true Christianity would be the shining light of the world that it should be. Christianity is not about what makes us feel good. True Biblical faith is about honoring Jesus Christ in all His sovereign power and glory.

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