Wow! What a Sound!

When the angels appeared to the shepherds in Luke chapter 2, God gave a show of His glory in their presentation of the message.

We do not know the exact number of them, but Luke tells us it was a multitude. This is short hand for saying it is impossible for man to number.

Let me give you an idea of the the possibilities. Here are some things we do know about the number of warrior angels in heaven.

They are described in three ways:

  1. Thousands – this is at least 2,000 (the word is plural)
  2. Thousands of Thousands – this is at least 4,000,000 (2,000 x 2,000)
  3. Ten thousand times ten thousand – this is 100,000,000

There are at least 104,002,000 angels in God’s army.

Wow what a sound!

We find this same chorus of singing soldiers mentioned in Job when they sang together when God laid the foundation of earth.

They have now joined together once again to celebrate the fact that God has laid the foundation of redemption!

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