He Must Increase

He must increase, but I must decrease.

John 3:30

This theme should be the bedrock principle of every preacher’s ministry. Anytime a man elevates himself to the point that others see him rather than Jesus in his preaching, that man has misused his gift (if he ever had one).

John the Baptist continually testified that he was not the important one. He always pointed to the Messiah that would come. And after Jesus came, John pointed people toward Jesus throughout his ministry.

Even when his disciples were confused and possibly jealous of the success of Jesus’ ministry over John’s, John reminded them that this was proper. John taught that everything about himself must continue to decrease so that everything about Jesus could increase in his mind and others.

Likewise, every child of God should feel the need for his own will to decrease and Christ’s influence to increase as he grows in grace.

True Christianity is not defined as what we get from our belief. It is what our belief gives to others and promotes the glory of God!

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