Sense of Sin

Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.

Luke 7:47

What feelings come to your mind on September 11? I know I feel a tremendous sense of loss when I reflect on what happened in 2001. I also get angry when I remember the acts against our country.

But what I should feel the most is my own personal sense of sin.

Were the terrorists sinners? Certainly. But it’s not my job to pronounce God’s judgment against them. It is my job to recognize that 9/11, the pandemic, riots in the streets, and upheavals in government are all wake-up calls to turn me back to God.

When I see myself as the sinner I really am, I see that I need Jesus all the more.

I do not want to minimize my sins. They are embarrassing, of course, but to make light of my sins would put me in the same position as Simon the Pharisee.

I want to go to that uncomfortable place where, even though the world may mock me, I ignore the opinions of others and flee to the feet of my Savior.

I want to see that my sins are against Jesus and the reason He died on the cross. This will bring me to tears of shame but also to tears of rejoicing for He is no longer on the cross. This means that my sin debt has been paid.

I want to take no thought of earthly wealth and fame. I want all that I have to be devoted to Jesus. For if I do that, I know that I am at His feet, and none can harm me.

I want my mouth to be singing His praises in thankfulness every moment of every day. For if I do this, then I know that I love Jesus. And, if I love Him it is because He first loved me. In this truth, I find…


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