Triumphal Feast • 1st John Series 11. “Be Your Own Fact Checker” pt. 1

1st John Series • 11. Be Your Own Fact Checker – 1st John 4:1-6 Part 1 In Chapter 4, the Apostle John sounds another warning to God’s people to be aware of and avoid the false doctrines of the world. John tells us to put everything we hear “on trial” by comparing it to the word of God. When we do this we can have assurance that we are standing in the truth and have peace and joy despite the fact we are surrounded by wickedness and hate in the world.

Triumphal Feast • 1st John Series 10. “Perceive” pt. 2

1st John Series • 10. Perceive – 1st John 3:10-24 - Part 2 Today's message concludes the sermon titled "Perceive." Elder Bryce begins in 1st John 3:18 showing us the John teaches the best way to understand that God dwells in us is to follow the Holy Spirit in us. When we love others as Christ loves us, we can better perceive that we are safe in the finished work of Christ. This message was preached on March 7, 2021.