Triumphal Feast • Ephesians 4:17-32 “Walking Instructions” pt. 1

The Apostle Paul begins Ephesians Chapter 4 with instructions for us to walk as the born-again children of God that we are. Further, he shows that this calling is to be an active member of a local assembly where the gifts of the Spirit are employed to strengthen the bonds of fellowship. The last half of the chapter gives specific ways that we should walk together in love as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Triumphal Feast • Ephesians 4:7-14 “One Body” pt. 2

Today's edition of Triumphal Feast contains the conclusion of the message "One Body." When Jesus rose from the dead, He gave gifts to the church for its benefit in the kingdom of God here on Earth. Those gifts were to the church so that its members could stand strong on the doctrine of the finished work of Jesus Christ. And, having this foundation, they would not be tossed about by the troubles and doctrines of the world.

Triumphal Feast • Ephesians 4:7-14 “One Body” pt. 1

The scriptures teach us that each one of God’s elect is called individually by the sovereign power of God in the grace of the new birth. However, the purpose for our calling is to be of benefit in God’s kingdom here on earth. Therefore, we are called to come out from the world and unite in a local assembly called a church. We are to consider ourselves part of a local Body of Christ where we can be comforted and learn how to not be tossed about by the troubles and teachings of this world. 

Triumphal Feast • Ephesians 4:1-6 “Unity of the Spirit” pt. 1

of God is to live and work together in harmony. This sometimes may be a struggle but it is those times of difficulty, when we show mercy to one another, that we are truly sharing the mercy and love of God that He has toward each of us.