Everyone Can Sing

A step-by-step course in learning to read music.

“Everyone Can Sing” is a complete music education system for use in singing schools, church practice sessions, or as individual singers. This method begins with the absolute basics and progresses slowly up to the more difficult elements of music that appear in hymnals.

In this method, you will learn to sing in shaped-note style on the melody and get an introduction to each of the other harmony parts.

WHAT’s in the course?

Student Edition

This book is loaded with exercises for each of the over 71 lessons of “Everyone Can Sing.” There are plenty of examples for you to read and practice to improve your music reading skills.

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Google Classroom

The online class is currently under development and is available through Google Classroom as stand alone lessons for each of the 71 sections. As this resource is developed, it is a free subscription for those who purchase the Teacher Edition. Just contact us with a picture of the cover of your book and we will sign you up.

Teacher Edition

This book contains helpful information for experienced as well as new music teachers. For the new teacher, the step-by-step approach is clearly explained and includes ideas for vocal warm-ups and supplemental activities. For more experienced teachers, there are many ideas for expanding your students’ musical education.

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