No, Jesus Was Not A Racist

At first glance, some might think that in this passage Jesus is fed up with fighting against the Pharisees and joins in their overtly racist attitudes towards anyone that is not a Jew. Let me assure, that is not the case.

Triumphal Feast • 1st John Series 10. “Perceive” pt. 2

1st John Series • 10. Perceive – 1st John 3:10-24 – Part 2
Today’s message concludes the sermon titled “Perceive.” Elder Bryce begins in 1st John 3:18 showing us the John teaches the best way to understand that God dwells in us is to follow the Holy Spirit in us. When we love others as Christ loves us, we can better perceive that we are safe in the finished work of Christ.
This message was preached on March 7, 2021.

Triumphal Feast • 1st John Series 10. “Perceive” pt. 1

1st John Series • 10. Perceive – 1st John 3:10-24 – Part 1
In this message, Elder Bryce teaches us to perceive three things in our discipleship. First of all, we should understand that the world hates us because it hates righteousness. Secondly, We are to understand that God loves us because He acted upon that love and sent His Son to die for us. And lastly, in response to these two things, we should act out our love for God by actively loving others. When we do this, we perceive that we are of God. This justification by faith assures us in our own hearts that we are of God and can still live in liberty even though the whole world lies in wickedness.
This message was preached on March 7, 2021.


Let us not point the finger at some other city or nation. Let us not exalt ourselves and say that is talking about some other church or individual. Our belief is reflected in our actions (James 2:18). If we are not transforming our lives in thankfulness to the grace of God bestowed upon us, we are no better than these ungrateful and wretched cities.

Child’s Play

Jesus plainly says that there are some who truly do love God and want to hear from Him. They seek out truth. And even though they are sometimes errant in their ways, they are not interested in just playing church. They truly want to glorify God in their worship.