Whether God chastises or punishes in time or He condemns for all eternity, it is a dangerous thing to live in and encourage immorality.

Triumphal Feast • Psalms Series 3 “The Psalm of The Messiah” Psalm 2 – Part 1

The Psalm of the Messiah • Psalm 2 Just like the times of 1st Century, the enemies of God still conspire against God and against His church. God laughed at their feeble efforts then and He laughs at them now. The people of God can take great comfort that Christ loves His bride and will protect her with all His power. The nations of the world should take heed and “kiss the Son” by acknowledging his almighty power and dominion.
This sermon was preached on Sunday, June 13, 2021

Jesus Knows!

We are secured in the love of God by the finished work of Jesus Christ but let us not live in unthankfulness and disobedience. We still have to to “deal with God” here in time, and he expects us to be about HIS business not our own.

Take Up Your Cross

To be a disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ we must be willing to follow God’s will no matter what. We must understand that our lives are not our own and we may be called to suffer for Christ’s sake. This is not easy but it is a clear assurance to us that if we suffer like Christ, we will raise from the dead to be with Him forevermore