We should seek to see how God may be glorified in every situation. And, if we cannot see that in our world, we need to remember that Jesus has already defeated all our enemies and well will be raised to be with Him forever. 

The Barren Fig Tree

The primary reason this parable is used here is to serve as a warning to the natural country of Israel. God, the vineyard owner, has come time and again to this most favored nation looking to see if they had turned from their wicked ways and back to Him. However, God finds that national Israel just keeps moving further and further away from Him.

Jesus Knows!

We are secured in the love of God by the finished work of Jesus Christ but let us not live in unthankfulness and disobedience. We still have to to “deal with God” here in time, and he expects us to be about HIS business not our own.


If we require more of another person than Christ required of us then we are asking too much.

Signs of the Times

We have been living in the last times since Jesus came to earth. Therefore, we should live in a way that reflects our belief that Jesus came the first time as the Messiah to redeem us from our sins and that He is coming a second time to take us home!