A Rhapsody of Sovereign Grace

Jesus will declare the doctrine of sovereign grace in short, easy to understand, and comforting terms. This is not the doctrine of Calvin nor even of Paul for it did not have its origins from either of those men. This doctrine came straight from the Son of God Himself!

Triumphal Feast • Colossians Series 8 “How Do We Receive Christ?” – Part 2

Colossians Series • 8. How Do We Receive Christ? - Colossians 2:6 Part 2 How do we receive Christ? How a person answers that question greatly affects how they walk in Christ. Part 2 of this message begins in Ephesians Chapter one. There we learn that the doctrines of election, predestination, justification, and glorification, when taught properly, show that God and God alone is able to save us from our sins and ourselves. Man is the object of salvation, not the cooperative cause by his will or works. This message was preached on May 15, 2022.

Triumphal Feast • Colossians Series 5 “The Preeminence of Christ in His Church” pt. 1

Christ is the head of the church because He died for the elect of God. He has the preeminence in the local church because His resurrection is the power that will raise His people from the dead and fuels their faith to be able to believe the gospel. This message was preached on April 10, 2022.

Triumphal Feast • Ephesians 1:3-6 “Adoring God” pt. 1

This weeks edition of Triumphal Feast continues in Ephesians chapter 1 where the Apostle Paul writes a doxology about the grace of God. Contrary to the contemporary praise songs sung in so many churches today, the Apostle doesn't just say "God is blessed" and repeat that chorus multiple times. Paul says that God is blessed, and then he gives reasons why! The doctrines of election, predestination, justification, etc. are given as the basis for singing praise to God for His sovereign grace.

Triumphal Feast • Ephesians 1:1-2 “To The Saints And Faithful” pt. 2

In this edition of Triumphal Feast we conclude the message "To The Saints and Faithful." Last week we learned what Paul meant by the titles "saint" and "faithful." This week we will learn how to apply those terms in our daily walk as disciples. When we understand what a glorious gift we have in the sovereign grace of God, we should respond with a thankful and faithful walk.