Are You a Biblical Scholar?

John answered and said, A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven.

John 3:27

Concentrated study of the Bible is of the utmost importance. But if the Lord, in His mercy, does not grant understanding, then knowledge will not grow into wisdom. The smartest theologian will have a head full of pseudo-Biblical facts but no true understanding of the Redeemer!

The understanding of the Bible gained with only man’s natural abilities will never compare to the understanding found when God blesses His child to comprehend and apply.

Arrogance and pride have no place in the discussion of the word of God. If a person feels they are smarter than someone else that may be true. But, how did they gain this knowledge? And, is their knowledge truthful information?

We must humble ourselves in thankfulness if we understand the true meaning of a single Scripture. And if we do have that truth, we possess more than all the wisdom of the world combined.

Prayer, humbleness, and patience should therefore accompany any study of Holy Writ.

John’s ministry reflects this proper attitude very well. He was not interested in being in the spotlight or signing a good book deal to make millions. John’s focus was on pointing to Jesus, THE CHRIST.

John was prepared from the beginning of his ministry to fade into the background. He understood that his role and understanding of the Bible was a blessing from God.

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