Saved WITHOUT Our Faith

Today, we will consider one final point on the topic of “passing over.”

The disciples were rebuked by Jesus because they exhibited no faith when a storm crashed upon their ship. Jesus rebuked them because they should have remembered that He told them they were going to pass over to the other side. In all the time they spent with Jesus, there was never a time when He lied to them or put them in danger. Based on what they had witnessed Jesus say and do before, they should have trusted His word once again.

We also need to remember that Jesus has told us the same thing about our eternal salvation. We will pass over into glory because He is Jesus.

if we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.

2nd Timothy 2:13

Our salvation is not based on our ability to believe or the content of our belief. Even if we falter in our faith, Jesus continues on and we will be saved to the uttermost. Why? Because He cannot deny Himself. His name means “He SHALL save his people from their sins.” He cannot deny that identity.

He has said, “let us pass over” and we will pass over into glory!

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